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ARCANSIEL Neo-Prog • Italy

ARCANSIEL, led by Marco Galleti, were one of the first in the wave of new Italian progressives in the late 80's, combining symphonic rock influences with modern pop stylings. Their music lies close to the 80's British neo-progressive school with hints of bands like IQ and MARILLION. 90's NEO PROG! 

"Still Searching" is their second album, from 1990, and has a much more mature and full sound, with a lot of overlapping guitar-keyboard melodies, some overt symphonic tendencies, and a full range of acoustic-electric dynamic expression. Definitely this is the one to get.

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Aether • Symphonic Prog (Brazil)

One more interesting band from Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, with visible influences of CAMEL, though their music has an original touch provided by an interesting combination of violin passages and electronic percussion among the usual prog music instrumentation. 

The band released their debut "Visions" in 1999 featuring the 6 part epic 'Altenburg Suite'. band members on the album consist of Alberto Curi on keyboards & vocals, Vinicius Brazil on acoustic, electric & synth guitars, Fernando Carvalho on electric & synth basses, Brandon Ramos on drums, and guest musicians Eduardo Campos on piano solo and organ, and Glauco Fernandes on violin. 

This was followed up with a second album "Inner Voices Between Our Shadows" in 2002, a solid example of that South American influence coming strong on the symphonic side of prog. This time around the band was a foursome with a new member. Alberto Curi on keyboards, lead & backing vocals, Vinicius Brazil on acoustic & electric guitars, synthesizers guitars controllers, Fernando Carvalho on 4 & 5 strings basses, and newcomer Mario Leme on drums & percussion. The albums feature CAMEL-ish moody symphonic music with fine guitars, flutes and a vocalist that reminds one of Andy Latimer. AETHER has many musical influences, notably PINK FLOYD, FIREBALLET, and UK.
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Rodrigo San Martin - Crossover Prog • Argentina

Rodrigo San Martin biography (http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=6362)
Rodrigo San Martín (born 8/14/88) is an Argentine progressive rock guitarist,composer and producer. He's a multi-instrumentalist who generally performs all the instruments in his albums. 

As a solo artist he has released two albums: "1" (April 2010), Argentina's first 5.1 album, and "There's No Way Out" (November 2010), which features collaboratations from Serbian singer Jelena Persic and United States born Craig Kerley.

Rodrigo is also the lead guitarist and main composer of progressive rock band De Rien and mastermind (along Juan Manuel Torres) of Souls Ignite, a project involving some of Argentina's progressive rock main figures. He has worked with many artists as sessionist/producer, including prog acts Fernando Refay and Destino 101. He's also the organizer of the Close to the Edge Buenos Aires Prog Fest.

Rodrigo works a style that blends Progressive Rock, Pop/Rock, Metal, Funk/Rock, Classical music, Ambient and Jazz fusion.

The Veil Is Broken I- Childhood

The Veil is Broken II- Adolescence

The Veil is Broken III- Coming of Age

The Veil is Broken IV- Decay

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Camel Live in Japan. Concert Recorded in Tokyo at the EX Theatre in Roppongi during May 2016 featuring: Running Time: Approximately 2 hours Set List: Never Let Go (Latimer) The White Rider (Latimer) Song Within a Song (Latimer/Bardens) Unevensong (Latimer/Bardens) Rhayader/Rhayader Goes To Town (Latimer/Bardens) Preparation (Latimer/Bardens) Dunkirk (Latimer/Bardens) Spirit of the Water (Bardens) Air Born (Latimer/Bardens) Lunar Sea (Latimer/Bardens) Drafted (Latimer/Hoover) Ice (Latimer) Mother Road (Latimer) Hopeless Anger (Latimer) Long Goodbyes (Latimer/Hoover) Lady Fantasy (Latimer/Bardens/Ferguson/Ward)

Ichigo Ichie:   'Treasure every encounter for it will never recur'

Recorded in Tokyo at the EX Theatre in Roppongi during May 2016 featuring: 

Andrew Latimer (guitars, vocals, flute, recorder)
Colin Bass (bass, vocals)
Denis Clement (drums, recorder)
Pete Jones (keyboards, vocals, penny whistle)

Sleeve design by Michael Munday

Format:  NTSC;
Running Time:  Approximately 2 hours

Set List:
Never Let Go (Latimer)
The White Rider (Latimer)
Song Within a Song (Latimer/Bardens)
Unevensong (Latimer/Bardens)
Rhayader/Rhayader Goes To Town (Latimer/Bardens)
Preparation (Latimer/Bardens)
Dunkirk (Latimer/Bardens)
Spirit of the Water (Bardens)
Air Born (Latimer/Bardens)
Lunar Sea (Latimer/Bardens)
Drafted (Latimer/Hoover)
Ice (Latimer)
Mother Road (Latimer)
Hopeless Anger (Latimer)
Long Goodbyes (Latimer/Hoover)
Lady Fantasy (Latimer/Bardens/Ferguson/Ward)

Fala Java!

Excelente aquisição, mas somente lançada em DVD. Sendo assim, extraí o áudio e segue a íntegra do mais recente show deste histórico grupo. Gravado no Ex-Theatre, Roppongi, Japão, 20 de maio de 2016, com uma formação que inclui o multi-instrumentista Peter Jones (TIGER MOTH TALES) nos teclados, vocais e flauta. Detalhe: ele perdeu a visão em decorrência de uma retinoblastoma ainda na infância, mas isso não inibiu sua formação musical. Além dele, o Camel conta com a participação de:

Andrew Latimer: guitars, vocals, flute, recorder
Peter Jones: keyboards, vocals, penny whistle
Colin Bass: bass, vocals
Denis Clement: drums, recorder

E boa audição!



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Echolyn • Symphonic Prog (United States)

Echolyn biography
Strongly influenced by GENTLE GIANT, this outstanding american band has enough musicianship to deliver original, powerful, intricate, yet beautiful prog rock. The music is full of details, either in strong passages or in the quietest acoustic moods. The GG like Fender Rhoades piano brings the music to a higher atmosphere on the quiet parts. Fabulous acoustic guitar is present all the time, to break the power stream at the right time - always. Theres nothing more to say. This is essencial American prog rock, and "As The World" is their masterpiece.

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Different Light • Crossover Prog (Czech Republic)

Different Light biography (http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=5777)
DIFFERENT LIGHT was formed in Malta at the end of 1994 by Trevor tabone, Mark Agius Cesareo, Richie Rizzo and Trevor Catania. Loads of gigs were played throughout 1995 and an early version of 'In the Grey' was recorded for a compilation album. 'All About Yourself', the band's first album, was recorded in April 1996 and released in June of the same year. The band spent the rest of the year touring Malta to promote the album. Mark Agius Cesareo left the band in early 1997 and was replaced by Jeremy DeMaria. Different Light supported 'Fish' (ex Marillion ;) in September 1998 and recorded a mini-album (EP?) in the summer of 1999. At this point, Different Light split up and so ended the first chapter. 

Fast forward to 2008, Trevor Tabone decides to reform the band in Prague, CZ together with Hynek Kocourek and Petr Lux. With the help of Daniel Charron and Premek Matejovic, an album entitled 'Icons that Weep' is recorded and released in November 2009. The album ranges from Crossover Prog to Neo Prog sound.

Seven years would pass for the third album of the band to be released. Although a compilation came out in 2011, it would not be until 2016 that DIFFERENT LIGHT release 'Burden of Paradise'. Tabone and Lux are the two remaining members of the last line-up, aided by Jirka Matousek (bass) and Petr Matousek (drums).

Biography updated by aapatsos

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Quincy Jones - The Legend

Quincy Delight Jones, Jr. (born March 14, 1933), also known as "Q", is an American record producer, actor, conductor, arranger, composer, musician, television producer, film producer, instrumentalist, magazine founder, entertainment company executive, and humanitarian. His career spans six decades in the entertainment industry and a record 79 Grammy Award nominations, and 28 Grammys, including a Grammy Legend Award in 1991. He is best known for the role of himself in Yakety Yak, Take it Back, Trash Talk, and Fantasia 2000.

Jones came to prominence in the 1950s as a jazz arranger and conductor, before moving on to work prolifically in pop music and film scores. In 1968, Jones and his songwriting partner Bob Russell became the first African Americans to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, their "The Eyes of Love" for the Universal Pictures film Banning. That same year, Jones was the first African American to be nominated twice within the same year for an Academy Award for Best Original Score, as he was also nominated for his work on the film In Cold Blood (1967). In 1971, Jones was the first African American to be named as the musical director and conductor of the Academy Awards ceremony. In 1995, he was the first African American to receive the Academy's Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. He is tied with sound designer Willie D. Burton as the African American who has been nominated for the most Oscars; each has received seven nominations.

Jones was the producer, with Michael Jackson, of Jackson's albums Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), and Bad (1987), as well as the producer and conductor of the 1985 charity song "We Are the World", which raised funds for victims of destitution in Ethiopia.

In 2013, Jones was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as the winner, alongside Lou Adler, of the Ahmet Ertegun Award. Among his awards, Jones was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century.

The Dude is a 1981 studio album by American musician and producer Quincy Jones. The album produced three U.S. Top 40 hits. The LP featured the debut of vocalist James Ingram on the singles "Just Once" and "One Hundred Ways," which reached No. 17 and 14, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100. It also contained "Razzamatazz", which reached No. 11 in the UK Singles Chart, one of his few hits there. He won the Grammy award for best R&B vocal performance for his work on the album. Belgian harmonica player and puccaloist Toots Thielemans also contributed to the album, appearing on the instrumental track "Velas". The song was sampled by Jodeci on their 1996 single "Get On Up" which appeared on their third album The Show, the After Party, the Hotel as well as producers Shut Up and Dance for the track "Waking Up" which appeared on Nicolette's first album Now Is Early.

Back on the Block is a 1989 studio album produced by Quincy Jones. The album features legendary musicians and singers from across three generations, including Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul, Ice-T, Big Daddy Kane, Sarah Vaughan, Dizzy Gillespie, George Benson, Luther Vandross, Dionne Warwick, Barry White, Chaka Khan, Take 6, Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau, Al B. Sure!, James Ingram, El DeBarge, Ray Charles and a 12 year old Tevin Campbell.

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COLLAGE Neo-Prog • Poland

This prematurely extinct Neo Prog band from Poland was not only the most important band from this country in the 90's; It figures among the best Neo Prog bands in the world. Blending heavy keyboard background with extremelly melodical guitar and vocals, they were able to deliver an original and very interseting music. Intricate tempo changes differenciate this band from the competition amongst their style, with vocals in Polish and English depending on the album. 

"Moonshine" is one of the greatest symphonic progressive rock CD's of the modern era. This CD features great production, wonderful melodies and singing with superb playing-both as accompaniment and tasty biting solos and fills. WONDERFUL!!!

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COLIN TENCH PROJECT Crossover Prog • United Kingdom

Colin Tench Project biography (http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=9840)
Who the hell is Colin TENCH?

Known as the guitar player in CORVUS STONE but there is more!

I love music. I hate music by numbers. If there is one album I consider to be a template of how to do things, The BEATLES White Album would be it. Something I realized recently, is that I am not a fan of the genre we call Prog. If I list every piece of music I love, all of it falls in to that genre tho'!
There is a reason. Almost none of my favourite music was aimed at a prog market. It didn't exist!
Neither will I ever want to.

The COLIN TENCH PROJECT is not a designer album. It is melodic, much of it instrumental music & almost classical in areas, then suddenly a bit mad for fun. The players and singers on the first album include Peter JONES (TIGER MOTH TALES & CAMEL), Petri LINDSTRÖM (CORVUS STONE), Phil NARO (DDRIVE & Julian LENNON), Vic TASSONE (UNIFIED PAST) plus many more. All of them very musical and skilled. I would say that my guitar playing is always flawed. Maybe that is the secret. In the mixing, I don't quantize or use any technology that will take the character out. I hate music made artificially loud, rarely buy it and certainly won't do that to music myself. 

::bio provided by Colin Tench::

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Kool & The Gang (Funk and Rhythm and Blues)

Kool & the Gang is an American funk and rhythm and blues band that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The band's debut album, Kool and the Gang (1969), produced three hit singles on the pop and R&B charts of Billboard magazine. Wild and Peaceful (1973) gave the band three more hits: "Funky Stuff" in the Top 40 pop chart and "Jungle Boogie" and "Hollywood Swinging" in the Top 10. The latter two songs sold over one million copies and were certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The band remained productive, with albums coming out in 1974 (Light of Worlds) and 1975 (Spirit of the Boogie).

In 1979, James "J.T." Taylor joined as lead singer. Kool and the Gang starting working with Brazilian fusion musician Eumir Deodato as producer, and they moved away from funk and closer to rhythm & blues and pop music. The songs "Ladies' Night" and "Too Hot" were hits and the album was certified platinum by the RIAA. Even more successful was the album Celebrate! (1980), also produced by Deodato, also certified platinum, giving Kool and the Gang its first number one hit ("Celebration"), which Robert Bell called "an international anthem".

More international hits followed in the early 1980s, including "Big Fun", "Get Down on It", and "Joanna". The album Emergency (1984) yielded four Top 20 pop hits, including "Fresh" and "Cherish".

In 1988, Taylor left the group to pursue a solo career. He was replaced by three vocalists: Sennie "Skip" Martin, Odeen Mays, and Gary Brown. He returned for State of Affairs (1996).

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COHEED AND CAMBRIA Crossover Prog • United States

Coheed And Cambria biography (http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=3135)

Hailing from Kingston, New York, progressive rock quartet COHEED AND CAMBRIA are known for being the first and only "concept band." That is, all of their albums' lyrics and music are intertwined with a story written by frontman Claudio Sanchez known as "The Amory Wars." The first album released, "The Second Stage Turbine Blade," is the second part [although the first CD] of their five-part saga. It was released in 2002, and after extensive touring, Sanchez released a graphic novel describing in further detail the plot of the story.

Post-Second Stage, COHEED AND CAMBRIA began recording in Japan between tours. The result came out that fall, and was their next album "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3." This continued to garner this rising band's popularity with the singles "Blood Red Summer" and "A Favor House Atlantic," which at the time gained much airplay. Afterwards, COHEED AND CAMBRIA departed from Equal Vision records and signed to Columbia, putting out the newest studio disc "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Vol. 1: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness." The long pretentious title indefinitely rings prog, as does the music. The singles "Welcome Home" and "The Suffering," although far less progressively inclined than the rest of the album, strongly supported the album in it's sales, shifting it to #7 on the Billboard's Top 200 Albums. "Good Apollo" is the first of the two-part conclusion to The Amory Wars.

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