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Avantasia is a German supergroup rock opera project created by Tobias Sammet, vocalist of the band Edguy. It has been characterized as a rock opera, as it features the contributions of various vocalists and musicians and it consists of concept albums. The name is a portmanteau of the words "avalon" and "fantasia" ("fantasy") and describes "a world beyond human imagination" (a quotation from the booklet).

The project can be divided into three periods of activity. The first, 1999–2002, saw the release of a self-titled single and the full-length albums The Metal Opera and The Metal Opera Part II. The second, 2006–2011, consists of the EPs Lost in Space Part I & II and The Wicked Trilogy, composed of the albums The Scarecrow, The Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon. The third period, 2013–2016, begins with the album The Mystery of Time and ends with the Ghostlights release. Some of the guest vocalists and musicians that have been featured on Avantasia are: Michael Kiske, Jørn Lande, Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine, Dee Snider, Jon Oliva, Biff Byford, Joe Lynn Turner, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Geoff Tate, Kai Hansen, Rudolf Schenker, Bruce Kulick, Sascha Paeth, Eric Singer, Eric Martin, Bob Catley, Roy Khan, Russell Allen, Marco Hietala, Henjo Richter, Markus Grosskopf, Timo Tolkki, Jens Johansson, Rob Rock, David Defeis, Andre Matos, Sharon den Adel, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Ronnie Atkins, Oliver Hartmann and Amanda Somerville.

The Metal Operas (1999–2002)
In Spring 1999, during Edguy's 'Theater of Salvation' tour, Tobias Sammet began to outline his ideas for a metal opera concept album featuring a number of guest musicians. When the tour finished, he began collaborating with metal vocalists like Michael Kiske, Andre Matos, Kai Hansen, Rob Rock, David Defeis, Sharon den Adel, Bob Catley and Oliver Hartmann to record the project. At this stage the core band consisted of four members, Sammet on keyboards, Henjo Richter on guitar, Markus Grosskopf on bass and Alex Holzwarth on drums. In 2001, a self-titled single and the first full-length album, The Metal Opera, were released. The project went on hiatus after the release of The Metal Opera Part II in September 2002.

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Gino Vanelli - Pop Rock (Canada)

Gino Vannelli (born June 16, 1952) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who had several hit songs in the 1970s and 1980s.

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FREE THE ROBOTS - Electro Psych Jazz (USA)

Free the Robots (born Chris Alfaro) is an underground hip hop producer from Los Angeles, California. Free the Robots pulls together jazz, psychedelic music, electronic music and hip hop. Free the Robots started as a side project by Chris Alfaro in 2003, while also playing with different bands, DJing, and producing tracks for rappers with the use of samples, controllers, and other live instruments. He has shared the stage with Prefuse 73, Flying Lotus, The Glitch Mob, Afrika Bambaataa and more. In 2010, Free the Robots shared the stage with The Gaslamp Killer and Daedelus at the Masquerade Venue in Atlanta, Georgia. His second album Ctrl Alt Del, which features Isaiah "Ikey" Owens, was released on Alpha Pup Records in 2010.

Ginbae - Hard Rock (Japan)

Heavy, thick and stomping  Japanese hard rock/early metal. the production is weak but it's an interesting artifact. 

A great heavy hard rock masterpiece from 1976 out of Japan. Originally released as a private pressing on the Sea Side Label. If you dig heavy hard rock from japanese bands this is a must. 5 tracks on the lp and not a dull track. This lp ranks up there with the hard rock monsters. If your a heavy guitar buff this is for you. When I listened to it seems that the sound engineer put in applause as a sound effect between the tracks. This doesn't seem to be a live album since I never heard any band member introductions. Great band. 

A very heavy album given the 1976 date. Basically a proto metal album with guitar riffs that wouldn't be out of place on a 70's era Judas Priest album. 5 long tracks with long amplified/phased guitar solos. Some typical Japanese balladry can be found in the vocal sections. Songs are dull, and are merely excuses to launch the next jam session. Worth a couple of spins.

01. Toluene - 6:25
02. Rock'n'Roll People - 6:09
03. Rebiatan - 5:45
04. Sazanga Rock (part 1) - 2:48
05. Sazanga Rock (part 2) - 6:13
06. Anne Of Green Gables - 7:19 

- Takahiro Nakamura - guitar, vocals, lyrics
- Roshi - vocals
- Nobuhiko - guitar
- Kenya - bass
- Minoru - drums
- Seiichi Kurahashi - producer
- Cinbae - arrangers

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Gabriel Santiago - Jazz (Brazil)

Born in Brazil (1980), 2010 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award Winner, Gabriel Santiago is a Composer/Arranger/ Acoustic and Electric Guitar Player. Called by JazzTimes Magazine “a young master at both the acoustic and electric guitars” and his compositions defined as “stunners”, Santiago recently completed his Doctoral Degree in Music Composition at the University of Texas at Austin, where he won the 2013 Outstanding Dissertation Award and the 2010 Eleanor A. Stribling Award for Excellence in Jazz Studies. His solid background also features studies with jazz masters Pat Metheny, Adam Rogers and Maria Schneider. Santiago has collaborated with a wide variety of artists includingEsperanza Spalding, Chris Potter, Stefon Harris, John Clayton, Terence Blanchard, Janek Gwizdala, Carmen Bradford, André Mehmari, Romero Lubambo, Odair Assad and Gilson Peranzzetta among others. He also has collaborated with Recording Engineer Master Rupert Neve several times, and was invited to be the first artist to record with Neve’s first ever line of microphones. Gabriel has been composing music for a wide variety of ensembles (ranging from Symphony Orchestra to Chamber ensembles, Big band to Jazz Combos), styles and medias including Film, TV, and Internet. His music is fresh and carries all of his influences that range from Brazilian Music to Jazz and Classical Music. He has been featured as a guest artist at Universities, colleges and concert halls across America, including The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, The Dallas Wind Symphony among many others. With The Gabriel Santiago Quintet, he has been touring US and Brazil in support of the self-titled DVD, opening concerts for Artists such as Pat Metheny and Robert Glasper. Along with leading his Quintet, Santiago has been writing and performing with The Gabriel Santiago Orchestra. The ensemble recently released the DVD/CD ALIVE, featuring his jazz orchestra compositions exclusively. Japanese newspaper “Big Band News” reviewed ALIVE as “the best big band album of 2012,” out of 250 other albums. Recent career highlights feature a 22-minute piece for Symphony Orchestra and commissioned works/arrangements from the UT Trombone Choir and Dallas Wind Symphony. Santiago has just released two new records, Connections – featuring Justin Vasquez (Saxophones), Thiago “Big” Rabello (Drums) and Sidiel Vieira (Contrabasses) – where focus was given to original arrangements of renowned Brazilian composers including Milton Nascimento, Baden Powell and Edu Lobo along with Jazz Master John Coltrane. Another new project, Metropole (alongside members Thiago Rabello, Sidiel Vieira and Zé Godoy) was just released in Japan through Rambling records.

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Darker Than Blue - Soul From Jamdown

Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown, 1973–1980 is a compilation album released in 2001. It consists of soul and R&B-styled songs recorded by Jamaican reggae artists, including a number of covers of contemporary American singles.

"Ghetto Funk" - Boris Gardiner and Leslie Butler (3:09) written by Boris Gardiner
"Collie Stuff" - The Chosen Few (2:52) written by Bell/Brown/Mickens/Smith/Thomas/Westfield
"Slipping into Darkness" - Carl Bradney (3:05) written by Allen/Brown/Dickerson/Dewayne/Jordan/Miller/Oskar/Scott/Sylvester and originally performed by War
"Is It Because I'm Black?" - Ken Boothe (3:27) written by Johnson/Jones/Watts and originally recorded by Syl Johnson
"Get Involved" - Freddie McGregor (3:34) written by Jackson/Moore/Williams and originally recorded by George Jackson
"Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City - Al Brown (3:26) written by Price/Walsh and originally recorded by Bobby "Blue" Bland
"Mango Walk" - The In-Crowd (3:22) traditional, arranged by Delroy Wilson
"Ain't No Sunshine" - Ken Boothe (2:15) written and originally recorded by Bill Withers
"Gypsy Woman" - Milton Henry (3:01) written by Curtis Mayfield and originally recorded by The Impressions
"Give Me Your Love (a.k.a. Super Soul)" - Junior Murvin (2:07) written and originally recorded by Curtis Mayfield
"For the Love of You" - John Holt (3:39) written by E. Isley/K. Isley/M. Isley/R. Isley/Jasper and originally recorded by The Isley Brothers
"It's a Shame" - Alton Ellis (2:48) written by GarrettWonder/Wright and originally recorded by The Spinners
"I'm Your Puppet" - Jimmy London (3:38) written by Oldham/Penn and originally recorded by James & Bobby Purify
"Get Ready (12" Mix)" - Delroy Wilson (5:40) written by Smokey Robinson and originally recorded by The Temptations
"Darker Than Blue" - Lloyd Charmers (2:58) written and originally recorded by Curtis Mayfield
"Why Can't We Live Together?" - Tinga Stewart (6:59) written and originally recorded by Timmy Thomas
"Baltimore" - The Tamlins (4:01) written and originally recorded by Randy Newman, popularized by Nina Simone
"Hotter Reggae Music" - Welton Irie (3:52) written by Welton Irie

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ELOY FRITSCH - Prog Related • Brazil

Since his childhood , he's been studying music and researching on new sounds through synthesizers in order to express his electronic compositions. During the 1983 Fritsch formed progressive rock band Apocalypse. They are considered pivotal in the development of progressive rock in south of Brazil. Eloy Fritsch is the main composer of the Apocalypse. 

He composed most of the Apocalypse progrock songs including Vindos das Estrelas, Último Horizonte, Do Outro Lado da Vida, Terra Azul, Fantasia Mística, Cachoeira das Águas Douradas, Ocean Soul, 2012 Light Years from Home, New Sunrise and The Angel and Seven Trumpets.

In 1992, he moved to Porto Alegre and began his solo project composing Prog Electronic Music. His first official solo album was Dreams, recorded in 1994 and 1995. During 1997, he released his second solo album, Behind the Walls of Imagination, which showcases his skills with various electronic and acoustic keyboard instruments. In the mid-1990s, Fritsch secured a recording contract with French Label Musea. His third album for them, Space Music, was released in 1998.The composer reveals his Sci-fi style with Cyberspace. In this album Fritsch offers instrumental music of seventies inspired keyboard Symphonic/electronic progressive music. 

Fritsch performs an electronic music that evolves between Vangelis´ ambient & impressionist electronic, and the synthesised Progressive rock of masters such as Rick Wakeman. Nevertheless, Fritsch has found his own style within melodic Electronic Music Progrock framework. The compositions are very melodic and emotive, with multi-layered instrumental textures/voicings and solidly coherent arrangements. Fritsch has earned a PhD in Computer music, and during 1999 created the Electronic Music Center in the Institute of Arts at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. 

Parallel his work as keyboard player of the group Apocalypse and his academic activity, Fritsch release through Musea and Rock Symphony labels the album Mythology , a large variety of truly original musical works in which he brought to full maturity the use of sinthesizers to compose progrock and electronic instrumental music. This ambitious work justly uses the whole panel of his electronic sounds to depict fifteen tracks exclusively dedicated to the different gods worshipped in the past. The Brazilian, Mesopotamian, Hindu, Amerindian, Inca, African, Greek, Egyptian, Scandinavian, Roman or Chinese are outlined in Mythology album by an instrumental composition. Thanks to his panoply of keyboards including a Roland System-700 Laboratory Modular Synthesizer, Eloy Fritsch has been able to free his imagination. Eloy Fritsch's love of the sky inspired him to compose the electronic suite Atmosphere (2003). Once again the composer reveals his ecological convictions: he presently defends the virtues of the gas envelope that allow everyone to live on Earth: the Atmosphere. In this album every track is choc full of sumptuous melodies and luxuriant layers of keyboards. Landscapes (2005) was Fritsch's next work to emerge on disc and is a powerful instrumental progressive rock album that maintains a reverent sense of wonder...

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Herbie Hancock - Jazz & Funk

Fat Albert Rotunda is the eighth album by jazz keyboardist Herbie Hancock, released in 1970. It also was the first album that Hancock had on the Warner Bros. Records label, since leaving Blue Note Records. The music was originally done for the TV special Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert, which later inspired Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids TV show. Fat Albert Rotunda, along with Mwandishi and Crossings was reissued in one set as Mwandishi: The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings in 1994. On this album Hancock changes his style radically and takes instrumental soul music rather than jazz as the basis of his compositions. Many songs also hint at his forthcoming jazz-funk style that he fully approached a few years later. Quincy Jones recorded "Tell Me a Bedtime Story" for his 1978 album, Sounds...and Stuff Like That!!, while Hancock revisited "Jessica" on the 1977 Hancock album VSOP: The Quintet.

Herbie Hancock — piano, electric piano
Joe Henderson — tenor sax, alto flute
Joe Farrell — tenor sax (uncredited in original LP release)
Garnett Brown — trombone
Johnny Coles — trumpet, flugelhorn
Joe Newman — trumpet (uncredited in original LP release)
Buster Williams — electric & acoustic bass
Albert "Tootie" Heath, Bernard Purdie — drums (Purdie was uncredited in original LP release)
Eric Gale — guitar (uncredited in original LP release)

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Abbygail – Hard Rock (France)

For hard rock lovers.... Native of northern France, the band distills a powerful rock, which does not hide its influences at the confluence of hard rock and blues. Sharp guitars, a dynamite voice are at the service of varied compositions.

Luke Debruyne (Guitars) and Pascal Roszyk (Bass) created the group in 2010. Guillaume Rue (Guitars-2016) and Bertrand Roussel (singing-2016)

"AC / DC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith are among the influences of northern rockers, listening to the five rough, but melodic and catchy titles on the EP, we would be tempted to add the name King's X to this Short list. If you like muscular rock (but not too much), sharp guitars and seductive vocals, an earshot is necessary! " (Www.musicinbelgium.net))

"Their recipe, good big scratch riffs, a voice that tears, a rhythm that clears everything in its path ...." (Presentation Raismes fest 2014)

"A hard rock tinged with blues and filled with feeling" (www.musicwaves.fr).

"ABBYGAIL proves on stage an undeniable professionalism: it is the love of music well interpreted by these sharp musicians concerned with the slightest detail and the instrumental dexterity that have been felt by the listeners, although it remains very classic (repertoire ranging from Hard rock classic to that of the 70's blues) They worked hard to reach this level.Their title Electric Lady which will appear on their next album of the same name says that the work of composition of the group is impressive "(Metal-integral.com, Bully on Rocks 3).

Just a Great Band!!!!

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Abbey Lincoln - Soul Jazz

Anna Marie Wooldridge (August 6, 1930 – August 14, 2010), known by her stage name Abbey Lincoln, was an American jazz vocalist, songwriter, and actress, who wrote and performed her own compositions. She was a civil rights advocate and activist from the 1960s on. Her debut album, Abbey Lincoln's Affair – A Story of a Girl in Love, was followed by a series of albums for Riverside Records. In 1960 she sang on Max Roach's landmark civil rights-themed recording, We Insist! Lincoln’s lyrics were often connected to the civil rights movement in America.

The Afghan Whigs - Rock (USA)

The Afghan Whigs are an American rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Originally active from 1986 to 2001, they have since reformed. The group – with core members Greg Dulli (vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick McCollum (lead guitar), and John Curley (bass) – rose up around the grunge movement, evolving from a garage band in the vein of the Replacements to incorporate more R&B and soul influences into their sound and image. After releasing their first album independently in 1988, the band signed to the Seattle-based label Sub Pop. They released their major-label debut and fourth album, Gentlemen, in 1993.[1] Pitchfork described them as "one of the few alt-bands to flourish on a major label" in the 1990s.

Skylark - Prog Metal (Italy)

Skylark is an Italian power metal band founded in 1994 by Eddy Antonini and is still active today. Skylark was founded by Eddy Antonini in 1994 with the intent of exploring several musical styles in one project.[1] After adding four members, the group recorded the 1995 album The Horizon and the Storm, the first of a series of yearly releases. From 1996 they released on the Italian label Underground Symphony. The 1997 released Dragon's Secrets received several positive reviews in metal magazines.[2] Antonini also recorded a solo effort, When Water Became Ice, in 1998 in between Skylark releases.

In 1999, they released the first of a two album project, The Divine Gates; the second half was released the following year. The group had several of their albums released in Japan, where they found critical success, particularly in the music magazine Burrn!.[3] They toured Europe in 2000 playing in Germany and headlined at the Rock Machina 2000 festival in Spain.[3] After 2001's The Princess Day, the group embarked on a world tour, including dates in Japan.[1] The group then went on a short hiatus, returning in 2004 with Wings, featuring Kiara Laetitia the new vocalist. After three albums on Scarlet Records, they contracted with Underground Symphony again in 2006. In 2007, they continued the Divine Gates project with a third release "The last gate". In 2007 "The last gate" hit the HMV Japanese Rock and Pop charts at No. 3 only behind Bon Jovi and Dream Theater staying in the Top 50 for several weeks. In January 2008, Skylark played the longest Pan China tour of History for a western band. They played seven headliner shows touching even Haerbin capital of Chinese Siberia, plus one supporting gig with Nightwish and Dream Theater in Beijing and one supporting gig in Shanghai with Nightwish. In May 2008 Skylark played for the first time in the United States and recorded a live DVD of their performance in Phoenix Arizona. This DVD "Divine gates part IV The Live Gate" hit position No. 4 in the HMV Japanese charts only behind Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones and Britney Spears. Skylark as of 2010 played 5 tours in Japan. In 2011 Kiara Laetitia leaves Skylark.

The album Twilights of Sand stayed on the Japanese Amazon rock/metal chart for 30 days, occupying position number one for 10 days and position number two (only behind the new Van Halen release) for another 10 days. Twilights of Sand also reached the top 100 global chart remaining there for 15 days, reaching its peak at number 12 and ending 32nd in the second week of January (best western act ahead of artists such as Adele and Lady Gaga).

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