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Dionne Warwick & Isaac Hayes - A Man And A Woman (Soul)

"A Man and a Woman" is a one-off live project by Dionne Warwick and Issaac Hayes - two legends of American soul music. Released in 1977, at a time when both artists were not faring too well commercially but were still able to sell out venues around the country, "A Man and a Woman" documents the last night of their 1976 joint tour at Atlanta's Fox Theater. Originally released as a double album on Isaac's fledgling vanity Hot Buttered Soul imprint, the release would provide both artist a much needed commercial boost, scoring a top 20 hit on the soul album charts. "A Man and a Woman" proves to be a solid listening experience some 30 odd years later, proving that good black don't crack! Both artists are shown in their best light along with both their touring bands in top form. Song selections range from a sampling of some of their best known hits, including their most recent recordings from the time; along with medlies of then current pop hits given a soulful twist. The chemistry between Isaac and Dionne evident on album would lead to future successful collaborations between the two (i.e. Deja Vue, performed by Dionne and produced by Isaac in 1980). When you stop to think about it, the pairing of these two artists was really a genius stroke - Hayes had built his solo career with successful appropriation of a few Warwick covers, tunes which he elevated to new rhapsodic heights (i.e. Walk on By and I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself). Warwick with Hayes, as a performing partner, was inspired to display a more earthy and sensuous side to her persona which had yet to be captured in her recordings. This lp had been tucked away in my collection gathering dust and it took the soulmusic.com reissue for me to turn my attention back to it. 30 years ago, I was an adolescent who did not fully appreciate the real musicality and artistry that is on displayed, now as a middle aged adult I am hearing this with new ears. This is required listening for aspiring performing artists so that they can learn how it is done. Overall I believe this to be an excellent record and a worthwhile entry in both artists' discography.

Thanks Magal

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