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MOONSPELL Tech/Extreme Prog Metal • Portugal

Moonspell biography (progarchives)
MOONSPELL is a progressive-gothic-metalband formed in Brandoa, Portugal, in 1989. 

The band was first formed as MORBID GOD. They changed the name to MOONSPELL in 1992, when they released the promo track "Serpent Angel". 

In 1993, singer Fernando Ribeiro, drummer Miguel Gaspar and bass player Ares released the demo "Anno Satanae", followed in 1994 by the EP entitled "Under the Moonspell." The record was highly regarded in the Portuguese metal scene and sold over 5000 copies. Shortly after the release, they played with CRADLE OF FILTH in a concert in Lisbon.

After the success of the mini-album, MOONSPELL signed with Century Media Records. "Wolfheart" was released in 1995 and was followed by a European tour. The album had little recognition in its time, but has come to be regarded as a milestone by respected metal critics. During the tour, guitarist Mantus quit the band and was replaced by Ricardo Amorim.

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