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quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2017

HIBERNAL Post Rock/Math Rock • Australia

HIBERNAL is a progressive rock project created by Mark HEALY of Brisbane, Australia. With a strong focus on storytelling and atmosphere, HIBERNAL interweaves spoken word with instrumental music pieces to tell a compelling storyline that unfolds throughout the course of the album.

Musically, there are a number of different styles on offer, ranging from atmospheric post rock, to moody acoustic guitar arrangements and hard rock riffs. Each of these elements are used to craft soundscapes that drive and complement the narrative. The use of sound effects and a professional voice cast add to the immersion. Like most concept albums, a HIBERNAL album should be experienced from start to finish for maximum effect.

The debut album 'The Machine', released in 2013, is an exploration of ambition, sadness and our choices in life told through crunching hard rock riffs and soaring guitar. The story revolves around a man climbing the corporate ladder inside a powerful company, who finds that with each promotion he must sacrifice a part of himself.

Biography kindly provided by Mark Healy

Thanks Magal

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