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David Bowie - Music & Art

David Bowie, nome artístico de David Robert Jones, Londres, 8 de janeiro de 1947) é um músico, ator e produtor musical inglês. Por vezes...

sexta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2017

João Donato - Piano Jazz Fusion (Brazil)

João Donato de Oliveira Neto (Rio Branco, 17 of August of 1934), better known only as João Donato, is a pianist, accordionist, arranger, singer and Brazilian composer.

Donato was a friend of all the exponents of the bossanovista movement, such as João Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes and Johnny Alf, among others, but he was never characterized solely as such, but a very creative musician who promotes musical, jazz fusions And Latin music, among many others. In the 1950s, João Donato moved to the United States where he remained for thirteen years and accomplished what he had never achieved in Brazil: reincorporating Afro-Cuban musicality into jazz. Records the album A Bad Donato and composes songs like "Amazonas", "The Frog" and "Cadê Jodel". He returns to Brazil, rediscovers the Brazilian music that was being performed in the country, but does not abandon his passion for the fusion between jazz and Caribbean rhythms. As arranger he participated in albums of great names of MPB like Gal Costa and Gilberto Gil.

Among the best-known compositions of the musician are: "Amazonas", "Lugar Comum", "Simples Carinho", "Hasta Quem Sabe" and "Nasci Para Bailar". According to the music critic Tárik de Souza: "For a long time, João Donato was a myth of MPB inmates. Genius, disconnected, crazy, all in one.

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