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quinta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2017

SLEEPWALKER SUN Progressive Metal • Brazil

The starting point of this project was the break-up of REVEALING WEB, a band I was part of, and which has its final line up as Giana Araújo (vocals), Leandro Furtado and Henrique Mendes (guitars), Marcos Eichler (bass), André Geléia (drums) and myself (keys and vocals).
Francisco Falcon and myself were then starting a band, initially a power trio, ELP-alike, with us dividing the vocal parts. A few months after REVEALING WEB break-up, I started to think that not recording the songs we had made then, would be a waste. We changed the concept of the new band, asking Giana to join us. Everyone was involved with different bands and musical projects, so I took the front of SLEEPWALKER SUN, making new songs, and rearranging the old ones, mixing them with new passages. I recorded the demos with my PC, and that was it. It was ready for entering the studio. But before it, I needed to call in other musicians. Rodrigo Martinho was the first to join me, Francisco and Giana. It was a natural choice, as we played together in 2112, a RUSH cover band. We would also record the songs at his studio. Most of guitars were played by Leandro Furtado and Fabio Montserrat. Leandro was also a key part of REVEALING WEB, with great contributions in composition land. Fabio is also a great friend, and helped a lot during the demo era, recording the guitar solos. But I wished the contribution of two fantastic guitarists from Niterói, Alex Martinho and Ricardo Marins, that didn't hesitate at accepting my invitation, recording both superb leads and rhythm guitars.
Those weren't the only special guests. Andre Mello, from brazilian prog band TEMPUS FUGIT, made a great Moog-ish solo in "Nocturnal" and Ricardo Aguiar (TERRA MOLHADA) made special the backings from the same song. At last, but not least, a super special appearance from brazilian prog monster Marcus Viana, which can be heard in "Jalen's Eyes" and "Blindfold". Everyone made a terrific job and I have no words to thank them properly. I just play it and listen.
Story by Luiz (Gustavo) Alvim (

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This is an interesting progrock project from Brazil featuring Marcus Viana from Sagrado and Andre Mello from Tempus Fugit. The captivating and alternating music alternates between classical, symphonic rock and progmetal.

Thanks Magal

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